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Dr Annemi Klopper   Physician & contact person for Cape PET-CT scans   
Dr Annemi Klopper Mareca Dietmann
Physician & support
for Cape PET-CT scans

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Jacqui Burt  Nuclear Medicine radiographerBilly Baard   Nuclear Medicine radiographerLeonie White  Radiographer
Jacqui BurtBilly BaardLeonie White
Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine

The Consortium of radiology practices offering this top end facility are:

Dr Tuft & Partners Inc
Drs Schnetler,Corbett & Partners Inc
Dr van Wageningen & Partners Inc
Dr Morton & Partners 
Dr Symington & Partners   
Drs Coetzer & Bartlett Inc     
Dr Cronje & Partners Inc
Dr Movsowitz Conway & Ass. Inc   
Dr WE Scribante & Partners Inc 

Nuclear Physicians:

Dr H.R Morkel    
Dr M.J Bester    
Dr P. Botha    
Dr H. Bouma

Directors: R Tuft (Chairman), B Alheit, P Berndt, J Basson, M Coetzer, S Conway, F Cronje, V Dahya, H Morkel, P Morton,  W Scribante, R Truter

Management Committee: J de Villiers (Chairman), P Berndt, H Morkel, C Sperryn, T Allnutt

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